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Quotes "As an agent NMG has given me activity to be done every day.It allows me to do business anywhere and at anytime. What I like most about the program is I am expanding my products that in the past was money left on the table.Business all done over the phone and online. Every sale is a package that package has expanded my income with the potential sky high. I'm 61 and a Techie I'm not but once you start doing these the more comfortable you become it's freed up my travel time from clients to prospecting for clients ." Quotes
Bob K.
Independent Agent

Quotes It has been quite a learning experience with different agencies since I started in this business back in February of 2008. I was originally introduced to Dan Hagy and NMG when I got started, and was working under a P&C agency. I left the P&C agency and went to work under a benefits agency that promised the world. There a lots of agency that will promise you the world, and will stab you in the back to keep your commissions and clients. Not to mention encouraging to push the products they make the most off of, instead of doing what is in the best interest for the client. I am glad to say I have come back to work with NMG in December 2010, and now greatly appreciate Dan and the staff more than ever. They have the most integrity out of any agency I've seen. Not to mention the great personal service I have gotten, which has helped me excel in my business ventures. I owe a great deal of my success to them. Quotes
Chris B.
Independent Agent

Quotes I've been working with NMG since 1995 or lets just say about 17-18 years, Consistantly, I've ranked in the top 10 in new business sales over the years, The knowledge and support I have received over the years has freed up my time so that I can make to nessarry sales calls to compete with all agancies in the state. Thanks. Quotes
Michael K.
General Agent - Statewide Insurance Advisors, Inc.

Quotes NMG and the entire staff are "straight shooters". Every associate is a team player and will assist any agent to the fullest no matter what level of production and applications you submit. Dan is 100% forthright and has the highest level of integrity; and demands nothing less of his entire staff. I put all of my business through National Marketing Group with complete confidence. I have been in the top 2 selling agents for the last 13 years thanks to the supprt of National Marketing Group and all the support from the entire staff. Feel free to call me directly at 248-994-1944 Quotes
Bob P.
General Agent

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