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UnitedHealthOne - News on Qualifying Life Events and More

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 11:15 AM

The End Is Just the Beginning!


The end of Open Enrollment means Individual Health plans, both on and off the Exchange (also known as the Marketplace), are now only available through a Special Enrollment opportunity to those who are eligible due to a qualifying life event. With such limited availability to sell renewable plans, you may be looking for a way to increase your business and your bottom line for the rest of 2014. The UnitedHealthOne℠ product portfolio offers a wide variety of quality coverage options not subject to Open Enrollment time frames to keep you earning all year round.

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HealthPlus - Agent Alert: Signature Individual Plans

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 11:15 AM

Signature Individual Plans – Special Enrollment Period


Our goal is to process your new business applications effectively and in a timely manner. With that in mind, proof of eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period is required. Please ensure that required documentation supporting a qualifying event is included with each application.


Documentation for a qualifying event must be submitted within five business days of an application date. If documentation is missing after five business days, the application will be cancelled and the individual will need to reapply for coverage. You can review our instructions on how to attach documentation to an application.


The effective date of coverage will be based on the application date and the inclusion of all required documentation.


Important: When you are applying for coverage online, there is a section on the quoting page under "Special Enrollment" that says, "To enroll with a qualifying Special Enrollment Reason, select the checkbox." Once you select that checkbox, you will be asked to select a special enrollment reason and also a date for the qualifying event. The event date cannot be a future date. Please use the date you are submitting the application or running the quote as the event date.

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Posted on May 21, 2014 at 10:25 AM

Earn cash bonuses all year long.

Keep on following the path to sales success with the Assurant Health Access bonus program designed to keep the cash flowing your way all year long!


It’s easy. Sell Assurant Health Access Value, Fundamentals and Enhanced plans from now until December 31, 2014, and earn bonus cash based on net annualized premium (NAP) in addition to your regular commissions!

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IMM Product Changes for May

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 10:20 AM


Here are the newest changes by state for individual major medical business.


This document provides a summary by state of the product, proposal and network changes available May 11, 2014. Unless specified otherwise, changes are for quoting effective dates starting May 11, 2014.


To print the contents for a particular section, copy the text and paste it into a Word document. Then print the page in landscape format.


For pricing information, please contact your Assurant Health sales representative. To ensure you’re distributing Assurant Health’s most current sales materials, please check Find a Form regularly.

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North American - When is Standard Better than Preferred?

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 10:20 AM

When is Standard better than Preferred?

Did you know a Standard rating can mean a lower premium payment on a life insurance case than the same case rated Preferred with another carrier?

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Assurant Health - Cash for QLEs!

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 10:15 AM

Qualified life events (QLEs) present a new selling opportunity!

Welcome to Cash for QLEs — Assurant Health’s new bonus campaign rewarding you for continuing to sell individual major medical plans outside of open enrollment. QLEs help you make commissions all year long, and now they can put bonus cash in your pocket!


Our new-and-improved QLE application process and flexible effective dates help you make cash quick! And keep an eye out for frequent selling opportunities, such as 2014 individual major medical plan renewals

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Assurant Health - Change in process means faster plan delivery for QLE business

Posted on May 21, 2014 at 10:10 AM

Now when you sell individual medical business to customers with qualifying life events, once the eligibility review is complete, the plan will be delivered and the customer will be billed—even if the qualifying life event hasn’t happened yet. It’s important to share these details with customers so they know when to expect their first premium to be drafted, as well as when they’ll receive their plan documents and ID cards.

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